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Tuendelee's Workplace Skills Development Program

  • 90Days
  • 5Steps
  • 1Participant
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We understand starting your career can be an exciting yet challenging time. That's why we created this program - to equip ambitious young professionals in Kenya with the soft skills and business savvy required to excel in the workplace. Enhancing Your Soft Skills The ability to communicate, collaborate, and think critically is vital for success. Our hands-on workshops will sharpen your skills in: - Communication - Active listening, public speaking, writing emails - Teamwork and leadership - Problem solving - Resourcefulness and initiative - Interpersonal relationships and empathy Gaining Business Acumen Every organization has its own structure, objectives and culture. We will demystify core business concepts to help you: - Understand company finances and strategy - Navigate organizational politics and dynamics with emotional intelligence - Network and manage key stakeholder relationships Empowering You This program aims to not only make you a valuable asset to your employer but also empower you to pursue your career on your own terms, through gaining: - Self-confidence and personal branding - Decision making abilities - Commercial awareness and entrepreneurial skills We strive for an inclusive environment focused on your professional growth through this engaging development opportunity. We look forward to welcoming participants eager to attain the workplace fluency and strategic perspective to take their career to new heights.

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