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At Africa Is Learning, our mission is to cultivate empowered and self-reliant communities across the continent.

We believe every African has the right to access actionable education that uplifts their lives with dignity.
By making practical financial, business, and digital skills training available through bite-sized web and mobile content, and compassionate mentorship.

We are nourishing people's capabilities to achieve stability, meaning, and abundance on their own terms. When knowledge flows freely to those needing it the most, a more equitable society flowers.
We envision catalyzing this transformation by connecting ambitious, purpose-driven Africans to the versatile tools and guidance that help dreams become reality.

Our technology removes barriers; our people fuel possibility.


To drive adoption among diverse demographic groups, the educational content will be localized and contextualized using relatable real-life examples.


The curriculum will cater to varying literacy levels
through easy-to-understand videos, infographics, and gamified modules that make learning interactive.


On the technology front, we will build online and offline channels for agent recruitment, training, and


Agents will be equipped with tools to manage operations and track performance.


The business model will leverage diverse monetization avenues including subscriptions, commissions, and sponsorships to build sustainability.


Incentives will be structured to align users, agents, and partners
within the financial and digital literacy ecosystem.


Supplementing self-paced learning, our trained agents will provide in-person guidance to users through
call center support as well as face-to-face coaching at local hub centers.


We plan to develop a nationwide hierarchical agent network with master, regional, and local agents to maintain standardized quality while optimizing reach, especially in remote areas. Top-performing agents will be recognized to motivate the community.

Why Us?

Admission and Fees

Getting started with Africa Is Learning is easy and affordable.
Anyone can sign up on our website to access a wide range of courses.
Build core competencies before unlocking premium skill-building courses across business, finance, technology, personal effectiveness, and more.

Choose flexible pricing plans based on your learning requirements


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