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Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • Africa Is Learning wallet - Personal digital wallet for learners allowing credits storage and use for current and future purchases of online classes, programs, certifications, and other upskilling services offered by the Company.  

  • Assistance request - First level of complaint or help request sent to the customer experience team about issues faced.

  • Cohort-based courses - Time bound online learning journeys in structured batch formats focused on a student community with scheduled faculty interactions. Pre-enrollments and definite duration.  

  • Embedded interfaces - Africa Is Learning website or mobile interfaces embedded within third-party websites and apps through integrations, known technically as SDKs or APIs.

  • Enterprise training offerings - Custom learning solutions and bouquets with context-specific curricula created exclusively for a sponsoring institution or corporate having dedicated cohorts.

  • Escalation - The complaint being forwarded internally to senior entities if the assistance did not provide adequate resolution.

  • Legacy policies - Older refunds and cancellation related policies or communications that now stand void after implementation of the current consolidated policy.

  • Public URLs - public facing uniform website addresses providing access to Africa Is Learning’s knowledge sharing platform.

  • Registration ids - Unique identifiers assigned to individual users upon signing-up with the Platform. Necessary for account creation.

  • Request submission - The act of sending an application through appropriate channels by a learner pertaining to cancellations or refunds as per the currently applicable policy guidelines.

  • Self-enrolled courses - Individual online courses that learners purchase and enroll into directly without scheduled cohort time frames for personalized duration and pace.

  • Standardization - The act of consolidating multiple prior policies into one consistent policy for uniformity and common interpretation related to refunds and cancellations.

  • Substitutes - Persons who may replace previously enrolled candidates that had to drop out after commencement of a cohort owing to unavoidable reasons on explicit request and mutual agreements subject to conditions. 

  • Supersede - The act of overriding, replacing, or annulling prior policies. 

  • Transaction date - Date when an order gets successfully completed on website, mobile or interfaces which triggers payment, course or service activation and license delivery.  

  • This refund and cancellation policy document has been created and implemented by Cygnite Afri Consulting and Advisory Services Ltd (hereinafter, “The Company”, “Cygnite.Africa”) and applies to the Africa Is Learning online portal, with effect from 01 December 2023. 

  • It outlines the applicable scenarios, terms, conditions, restrictions, and dispute resolution mechanisms associated with availing refunds or request based cancellations by enrolled learners across the company’s digital platform offerings.

  • The policy guidelines contained herein supersede and override all previously applicable legacy policies, terms, and communications in related contexts for the purpose of standardization. 

  • This policy applies to all individual users or organizations accessing online learning services from Africa Is Learning digital properties either through public URLs or embedded interfaces integrating the platform services.

  • By using our services and visiting the Africa Is Learning online portal, the subscriber or visitor agrees to abide by the terms of this policy.

  • This current version of the refunds and cancellations policy for Africa Is Learning is subject to change or revision at any point without prior notice to the public or the learners. 

  • Any updates shall be made available on the Africa Is Learning online portal for learners to review. The policy as of the date reflected will apply till the date a revised policy is issued on the portal. 

  •  Users are advised to check for the latest policies before any transaction or for concerns.

Purpose of This Refunds and Cancellations Policy

We want learners to have a rewarding experience advancing their skills and knowledge through our platform. However, we understand unforeseen circumstances may warrant refunds or cancellations. This policy outlines various scenarios for review.

Self-Enrolled Courses

For individual courses that learners directly purchase and enroll into without cohort schedules, refund requests submitted within 14 days of transaction date will qualify for a 50% refund automatically credited to your Africa Is Learning wallet for availing other learning services. This allows reasonable timeframes for evaluating course quality.  


No refunds are provided after 14 days considering course content delivery costs incurred by our creators and operational expenses. But you retain lifetime access for purchased courses to restart anytime. Cancellations can be submitted by using the contact details on the Africa Is Learning online portal.

Cohort-Based Courses 

For expert-led scheduled cohort journeys with live sessions spanning fixed timeframes, 70% refunds on enrolled amounts will be processed if requests are received 7 days before batch start dates. This covers our preparatory expenses.  

50% refunds apply if requests are received within 7 days after cohort commences considering classes and services activated. No refunds thereafter as costs get locked in at cohort levels and reselling seats is operationally complex with facilitators’ plans interlinked across learners.  


But if you inform facilitators within course duration for health reasons or serious emergencies, we facilitate substitutes or recording access options.

Enterprise Training Programs

For private cohorts booked by institutions, our contractual agreements outline customized cancellation policies based on customized delivery models. 


Additional processing time of 5-7 business days is needed for refunds in all above scenarios subject to review.


We aim to implement our cancellation and refund policies fairly for all learners. But unforeseen gaps may happen. If you face concerns, please follow steps below for resolution:

First Formal Complaint

Email support[at] with your registered id, transaction details, nature of dispute on cancellations or refunds and preferred resolution. Our customer experience team will review details and try resolving through good faith dialogue. 


If the first contact does not provide a satisfactory resolution within 5 business days, you can escalate by writing to escalations[at] This will trigger our internal cross-functional panel to review the complaint confidentially involving relevant teams. They re-investigate details and provide their decision within 10 business days.


If our internal team's resolution continues being unsatisfactory, we provide the option to seek arbitration for contractual disputes from a mutually appointed independent arbitrator legally authorized to review evidence and arbitrate a settlement both parties must abide by in most scenarios under Kenyan laws. This involves evidence submission procedures and may have cost considerations for the arbitration itself from both sides. We may provide a list of certified agencies upon request.

We earnestly hope disputes do not arise in the first place through transparent policies and effective communications. Please reach out to us so we have opportunities to mutually resolve concerns in the spirit of good faith. 

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